Thermal roof inspections must be conducted in the late evening as the roof is cooling. Any areas that contain moisture will take longer to cool due to the high specific heat of water, thus creating a temperature difference that is visible with the thermographic camera. We can then mark these areas and return at a later date to make the necessary repairs.

Here at Tryon Roofing we are committed to finding new ways to save our customers money on expensive roofing repairs and replacements. We now offer commercial roofing inspections and some residential roofing inspections that include the use of a thermographic imaging device which allows us to pinpoint leaks in flat roofs. This device helps to save time and money and can prevent costly tear offs by allowing us to pinpoint moisture underneath a roofing system and repair the damaged area only.


Roof Inspections



We offer roofing inspections for potential home buyers/sellers for a nominal fee (which is fully refundable should you decide to hire us to reroof your home!) These inspections are extremely thorough and include multiple color photos. We go through the five key components of a roofing system and evaluate each component while checking for any deficiencies along the way. With each inspection we also include an estimated remaining life as well as a complete proposal for reroofing.


Annual roof inspections are also one of the easiest ways for homeowners and property managers to save money and eliminate roofing problems. We recommend that all homeowners inspect their roofing system annually to catch any problems before they arise and extend the overall life of your roofing system.


Roofing maintenance is just as important as roofing your home. Just as you clean the inside of your home regularly you should also clean and inspect the outside regularly as well to keep your home performing at its full potential and to catch any problems before they arise.

We offer all types of low pressure and no pressure exterior cleaning such as roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, siding cleaning and windows!


Roofing Maintenance


 We have been able to save businesses and property managers thousands of dollars by avoiding total roof replacements through the use of thermographic imaging. Call us today to schedule your thermographic roof inspection and see how we can help you save thousands on maintenance expenses!